Passion for quality Passion for quality Passion for quality Passion for quality Passion for quality
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Passion for quality

Our customers can count on VOSS Automotive!

We retain this customer perception by establishing processes that meet the high-quality standards of our customers in our locations and business units. In addition, we continuously improve our daily routines and react flexibly to meet the ever-increasing expectations of our customers and other interested parties.

In close interdisciplinary cooperation, supported by Lean and Six Sigma methods, we develop fast, efficient and innovative solutions.

Transparent and efficient procedures, as well as our high production standards "5S" and "Zero Defect Production", which are applied in all VOSS locations, help us to avoid errors or to detect and eliminate them at an early stage.

Passion and competence are the driving force behind our VOSS quality.

Passion for quality is our core belief. This runs like a thread through the company's history and today is reflected in Strategy 2025, which constitutes the groundwork for our thoughts and actions.

Dr. Thomas Röthig

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