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VOSS multi-connector technology

VOSS multi-connector technology reduces the number of assembly steps and simplifies assembly procedures. It is easy to correct assembly mistakes. For the customer, this means economic and safe connection of several lines on module interfaces.

  • Simultaneous connection of several lines to module interfaces using one quick connect process
  • Simplified handling and cost savings as a result of fewer assembly steps
  • Connectors and connecting plate fixed without the need for an additional retaining or safety clip
  • First time use of shaped end fittings
  • Plate shapes and hole patterns provide reliable guidance for the mounting of multi-connector plates
  • If connecting points are mismatched during pre-assembly, these may be changed without disassembling the tube and fitting
  • Optimal sealing and dirt protection, systems with one or two O-rings
Multi-connection for SCR systems, simultaneous connection of AdBlue® and coolant lines
Multi-connection for compressed air brake and auxiliaries
Multi-connection for compressed air auxiliaries
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