Blue Competence
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Blue Competence

Sustainability from VOSS Fluid

VOSS Fluid GmbH is a member of the sustainability initiative Blue Competence of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). VOSS Fluid attaches tremendous importance to future-oriented product design and production setup during the production of its corrosion-resistant tube couplings, in line with VDMA certification.

After the EU End-of-life Vehicles Directive came into effect, VOSS Fluid was the first provider of hydraulic coupling technology to bring zinc-nickel based corrosion protection to the market. This involves an environmentally compatible and high-quality alternative to coatings containing chromium VI – with the brand name VOSS coat.

The entire production process was redesigned for this surface, along with corresponding investment in an in-house electroplating shop at the company’s head office. Today, all production processes are configured for a sustainable and efficient use of resources. This is a central precondition for participation in the sustainability initiative Blue Competence of the VDMA.