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VOSS is extremely dedicated to a healthy work force

The company-internal health management system at VOSS Automotive is outstanding. This is the result of a study by the Corporate Health Network, which has now awarded VOSS with the “Healthy Workforce 2017” seal. VOSS achieves particularly good results in the categories “promoting ergonomics”, “supporting healthy eating” and “personal development”.

With the “Healthy Workforce” initiative the Corporate Health Network is focusing on promoting operational health management of small and medium-sized companies. The seal is awarded to the most exemplary companies that make an above-average contribution to the health of their employees.

In order to be able to attract qualified employees, companies need up-to-date and comprehensive health promotion now more than ever. VOSS identified this at an early stage and established a company-wide health management system. “We view operational health management as being crucial for employer attractiveness, especially against the backdrop of demographic change. That’s why we’re focusing on this topic”, says Kai-Uwe Otto, Division Manager for Human Resources and Organization at VOSS.

VOSS offers its employees numerous opportunities for promoting health. An excellent example of this is the company’s own modern fitness center “Vossletics” with an extensive range of equipment and courses. What’s more, thanks to the cooperation with the AOK, the employees at VOSS have access to expert advice from the Institute for Workplace Health Promotion (BGF Institute). This also includes courses on the topics stress relief, healthy eating and back exercises in the workplace, among other things. In addition, VOSS trains so-called “movement scouts” who regularly train in groups with their colleagues. VOSS also places great value on the work-life balance: VOSS provides a ping-pong table and football table as a better way of using the breaks for resting and relaxing.

After being awarded the “FOCUS Money Award” for outstanding training opportunities, VOSS was awarded a major employer prize for the second time this year.

VOSS received the “Healthy Workforce 2017” seal by Corporate Health Network — Kai-Uwe Otto, Division Manager for Human Resources and Organization at VOSS (on the left) and Dr Thomas Röthig, Managing Director of VOSS Holding GmbH + Co. KG (on the right) are pleased to receive the prize.

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