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VOSS Automotive, Inc. at the NACV Show in Atlanta, Georgia

North American Commercial Vehicle Show

TLX Coolant Valve

September 07, 2017
From September 25, through September 28, 2017 VOSS Automotive, Inc., will showcase its extensive product portfolio for commercial trucks at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

At booth 734, in the Georgia World Congress Center, the global automotive supplier will focus on solutions for commercial trucks. In addition to known technologies like SCR, fuel and pneumatic systems, VOSS will highlight formed metal coolant lines, the TLX coolant valve and other products.

“We have the same goal for each product, and that’s to provide complete solutions that exceed customers’ expectations and offer a cleaner, more efficient world,” said Robert Short, Sales Manager, VOSS Automotive, Inc. “By taking the road less travelled, we’re able to approach our customers’ unique objectives differently, offering them more innovative solutions. The NACV Show is an ideal platform to highlight our range of products for the commercial truck industry.”

The TLX coolant valve is a two-way, on-off valve that offers low coolant restriction based on its overall flow capacity. Applicable for EPA 2017, it’s mountable in any position and offers an impressive temperature range, working pressure and voltage system.

Visit our special NACV website to schedule a meeting at our booth 734 to meet one-on-one with a VOSS representative and learn more about the featured products.

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